About Us

We offer more than just fixing your teeth, our vision is to make you happy on all levels, we carefully listen to you, we understand your problems, concerns and goals and help to shape them within practical and scientific advices. With us, there’s no surprises as we do our best through every team member to put you within the details of the broad image, so you know what to expect with every single procedure.

Accreditation is voluntary, profession-led and aims to promote continuous quality improvement. The program is responsive to the needs and expectations of the dental profession and provides a sound evidence-based approach to accreditation by focusing on the first six NSQHS Standards that are applicable to dentistry.

At Muller Road Dental we speak the following languages:
English, Greek, Italian, Telugu, Hazargi (Dari), Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Marathi and Gujarati.