Dentist Modbury

Dentist Modbury

Muller Road Dental Care—Choose a Dentist Focused on Comfort in Modbury

Every dentist at Muller Road Dental Care has the dedication to delivering a comfortable environment for Modbury patients. We create a peaceful and friendly environment for the entire family and combine it with premiere quality dental care you can trust.

Our processes are straightforward. In other words, our dentist will explain every step in the chosen treatment so that Modbury patients are educated about their options and gain the results they’ve always wanted. There are no surprises when you receive treatments in our clinic.

We make it our goal to keep all our patients satisfied on all levels. Before we suggest any kind of treatment, we will listen to and understand your dental problems and goals. At our clinic, we can speak the following languages: English, Arabic, Greek, Gujarati, Hazargi, Hindi, Italian, Marathi, Persian, Punjabi, Telugu, and Urdu.

Let us know your dental problem and our dentists are ready to help you.

Dentist for Modbury Patients Specialising in Sleep Dentistry

Our dentist for Modbury patients is aware that dental phobia affects people of all ages. We acknowledge those fears and are ready to help you go through your required procedure successfully.

Whether our dentist is treating adults or children, we have all the means and procedures to keep everything comfortable. Our goal is to create a relaxing and positive experience for people with dental phobia. This is made possible by our sleep dentistry which involves sedation.

A qualified anaesthetist will administer the IV sedation to patients, who are put into a hyper-relaxed condition that is almost similar to sleep. The medications induce a semi-conscious state. It’s not the same as general anaesthesia, but you’ll likely forget what was done during the procedure.

It might take a while to recover. As a result, you’ll require the assistance of a responsible adult to walk you home and remain with you until the effects completely wear off.

Dentist Modbury
Dentist Modbury

Dentist for Modbury Patients—What Our IV Sedation Involves

Our dentist will perform the procedure for Modbury patients in a relaxing environment where they will be free from the worries of dental treatments. One of the options we offer is happy gas (nitrous oxide).

Our dentist will tell patients to breathe in and keep their thoughts worry-free. The happy gas is used for a kind of sedation that minimises fears. When you receive this treatment, you’ll feel a wave of calmness and a moment at peace. Even if you experience small discomforts, your relaxed state will overcome them.

When it comes to your oral health, you need to face your fears. But you don’t have to overcome them all on your own. We will help you every step of the way.

Remember that maintaining your overall health is necessary to prevent serious diseases. See a dentist twice a year to prevent teeth deterioration.

At Muller Road Dental Care, our Modbury dentist is on your side. Choose us for all dental treatments that require comfort and relaxation.