Dentist Greenacres

Dentist Greenacres

Your Family-Oriented Greenacres Dentist

Our dentist in Greenacres goes beyond fixing your teeth. At Muller Road Dental Care, our goal is to make you satisfied on all levels. We attentively listen to you, understand your issues, concerns, and goals, and deliver practical advice.

There are no surprises when you visit our clinic because we explain every procedure and requirement in detail, so you know what to anticipate with each treatment.

At Muller Road Dental Care, our dentist will deliver the comfort and education you need. We specialise in veneers and Invisalign. Our clinic also has dentists who can take care of the oral health needs of children.

With our family-oriented approach to dental care, we can show our patients that we truly care. This is the reason why most of our patients are referrals from previous clients.

Here at Muller Road Dental Care, we will take care of you, with your comfort always kept at the forefront of our minds when making decisions. We offer general, cosmetic, and advanced dental services.

The Technology Our Greenacres Dentist Uses

To keep your oral health in the best shape, our Greenacres dentist uses cutting-edge equipment to keep everything efficient and effective. Below are some of the technology we use:

    This technology delivers precise, custom-made teeth fixtures. Dental crowns made with CAD/CAM are a cutting-edge, high-tech alternative to traditional dental crowns. A 3D scan of your tooth is taken so that a solid ceramic block may be used to fabricate the crown, eliminating the necessity for painful impressions. This technology’s accuracy allows for a precise fit.
  • Computerised root canal navigation
    It’s a device that measures the length of the tooth root and controls the speed and torque of the cleaning tips to prevent any serious accidents. It also decreases the need for X-rays required to view the different steps of the treatment.
  • 3D Root Canal Thermofillers
    This is becoming the standard approach to filling the roots since it prevents bacterial regeneration and raises root canal treatment success rates as high as 97 percent in recent studies.
Dentist Greenacres
Dentist Greenacres

Why Greenacres Residents Should Choose Our Dentist

With our excellent dentist providing high-quality dental care, the fact that we’re based in a convenient location, and our family-oriented approach to dental care, you will understand why many of our Greenacres patients are referrals from previous clients. We believe in establishing strong relationships with our patients.

Our dentist in Greenacres is also available for emergencies. We open the clinic six days a week.

“It’s still early. Haven’t got my dentures yet. It has been a couple of months – due to the Covid narrative but so far so good. They are ‘looking’ good & I am very happy and anxious to see/feel the end result. Reception and staff are great, professional and friendly. I have satisfaction guaranteed – what more could you want. I will update my review soon. I would definitely recommend Muller Road Dental”.

– Philip J.M.

Choose a clinic in Greenacres with a dentist who truly cares for your oral health. Call Muller Road Dental Care today.